10 Most Common Heating System Problems and How to Fix Them

10 Most Common Heating System Problems and How to Fix Them

The unpleasant reality is we all face maintenance concerns surrounding our home’s heating system. While you absolutely will want to have your furnace serviced by a heating repair Chandler AZ as soon as it’s stopped functioning, there are several things you can check for to detect difficulties early, perhaps saving you on a more costly furnace repair or replacement.

So what are the ten most frequent furnace issues that you might run into? Let the specialists at Norris Air explain.

The Thermostat Isn’t Working.

If your fan is always running, a solid clue your thermostat isn’t operating correctly. Check this by placing the fan on auto and observing whether it runs continually at all heating settings.

Dirty and Clogged Filters

A filthy or clogged filter may lower the intake your furnace requires to run, decreasing its performance. It might also possibly lead to damage to your limit switch. Always check your filters are switched out once a quarter to ensure the best performance.

Flickering, Weak, or Oddly Colored Pilot Light

If you notice that your pilot light is flickering or is of a yellow tint, then it might signal that there’s excessive carbon monoxide in your gas furnace. Any adjustment to your pilot light should necessitate contacting a specialist from furnace repair Mesa AZ.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Your heat exchanger isolates the warming flame from the air, keeping your furnace working securely. Unfortunately, your heat exchanger might break if you overheat your home or don’t keep up with your air filter maintenance. If your heat goes off, contact our expert from the heating installation Gilbert to identify the situation. This needs the replacement of the heat exchanger typically.

Malfunctioning or Frayed Blower Belt

Your blower belt is a portion of a motor that enables your furnace’s fan to function. Unfortunately, they will periodically start to fray or break. Replacing this belt from furnace repair Gilbert will assist in enhancing the efficiency and performance of your fan.

Frequent and Over-Cycling

Do you find that your furnace appears to kick on often, often after it has ended a cycle? Then you may have a clogged filter, incorrect airflow, or are operating your furnace too hot or too low. Having a constant cycling furnace will result in a higher electricity bill.

Limit Switch Malfunction

If your limit switch isn’t working properly, your furnace may continue to blow even when it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, changing this needs a skilled technician.


The Furnace Isn’t Blowing Air.

A variety of factors might cause this difficulty. The key problem is ensuring your blower isn’t blocked. Next, examine whether there is a flashing light on your blower. If it’s flashing red, you likely need to hire a specialist to assist you in solving the problem.

Worn-Out Ball Bearings

Your furnace’s ball bearings help the motor run correctly. Unfortunately, with time, they might wear out and need replacement. If you hear a scraping sound coming from your furnace, switch it off immediately and call in a repair specialist.

Rattling Noises in Your Furnace

Are you hearing a pinging or rattling noise coming from your furnace? Numerous factors might cause these. Rattling sounds are frequently connected to loose panels, and always call a specialist to dissolve such issues.

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