Get a Professional to Install Your Air Conditioning

Get a Professional to Install Your Air Conditioning

Summer in Arizona can be scorching hot, with temperatures regularly reaching over 100°F. This is why having a functioning air conditioning unit is crucial. When you decide to install a system, you need to hire a professional company to ensure that your AC is installed correctly and runs efficiently. Norris Air, located in Arizona is the company you can trust for all your needs, including AC installation in Gilbert and repair.

Why Hire a Professional AC Installation Company?

  1. Expertise and Experience

    Our professional AC installation company has years of experience and specialized knowledge in installing air conditioning units. This ensures that the unit is installed correctly and functions efficiently. Skilled technicians are trained in handling refrigerant, installing electrical components, and using the latest tools and technology to get the job done right.

  2. Safety

    Installing an air conditioner can be dangerous, especially when handling refrigerant and electrical components. Our professional company has trained technicians with the proper tools and safety equipment to safely manage the installation process. This protects both the technicians and the homeowner from potential hazards.

  3. Warranty

     When our professional AC installation company is hired, the installed unit is typically covered under warranty. This provides peace of mind if anything goes wrong with the air conditioner and ensures that repairs will be made quickly and efficiently.

  4. Energy Efficiency

    A properly installed air conditioning unit runs more efficiently, using less energy and reducing monthly energy costs. Our professional installation company will ensure that the unit is installed to maximize energy efficiency, extending the unit’s life and saving the homeowner money in the long run.

  5. Quality Workmanship

    Our professional AC installation company is committed to providing high-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Technicians are trained to pay close attention to detail and to complete the job to the highest standards. They will provide the best possible service and ensure that the homeowner is happy with the final result.

If you are considering installing a new AC unit in your Arizona home, trust the experts at Norris Air. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing excellent service. Contact us today for more information about our AC installation in Chandler, AZ!

What Does A Professional AC Installation include?

A professional AC installation typically includes the following steps:

  1. Site Inspection

    Our technician will inspect the installation site to determine the best location for the AC unit and any necessary electrical or ductwork modifications.

  2. Unit Selection

    Our professional will assist in selecting the suitable AC unit based on the size of the space, energy efficiency needs, and budget.

  3. Equipment Preparation

    AC experts have the necessary equipment and materials for installing the AC unit, electrical components, and ductwork.

  4. Installation

    Our technician will install the air conditioning system, connect it to the electrical and ductwork systems, and test it for proper operation.

  5. Clean-Up

    Our technician will clean up the work area, removing debris and leaving the site clean and tidy.

Trust Norris Air With Your Air Conditioning Installation

Norris Air is a top-rated AC installation company serving Gilbert, Chandler, AZ, and surrounding areas. With years of experience, Norris Air is committed to providing its customers with expert and efficient air conditioning services. Our company’s technicians are trained and equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure proper installation and maximize energy efficiency.


In addition to installation services, Norris Air also offers AC repair in Chandler, AZ, and the surrounding areas. We are always ready to respond to emergencies and keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly.


At Norris Air, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our company’s friendly and professional staff are dedicated to providing a positive customer experience and ensuring that each job is completed to the highest standards. Contact us to schedule your appointment today for all your AC installation and repair needs!