Mr. Norris’ History

Mr. Norris' History

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Norris Air is a family-owned business offering air conditioning and heating system installation, maintenance, and repair since 1973.
Mr. Norris was the founder of the company. Mr. Norris and Mr. Coleman (yes, Coleman, the tent, lanterns, and other camping supplies), joined together to create the very first park Mobile Home air conditioner which is still being used in most mobile home parks today! The mobile home air conditioner was called the Saguaro Park unit. Since creating this unit, this catapulted Norris Air to become the Valley’s Park Model and Mobile Home experts in air conditioning. Since his passing, Paula (his daughter) has become the owner and CEO of the company for over 12 years. She continues to run the company with the same passion, ethics, and tenacity that her father once had. The company has now entered it’s 49th year in business and continues to serve the valley with the same great service.