Our Proud History

Our Proud History

Not every HVAC company can say they have played a part in history. Beyond offering excellent service and dependable products, Norris Air is proud of our illustrious background and contributions to the evolution of the air conditioning industry. Like many things, the best stories are built from a solid foundation. Our success began with our founder, Mr. Paul Norris.

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Mr. Norris originally founded Norris Air in 1973 as a family-owned and operated HVAC contractor offering air conditioning and heating system installation, maintenance, and repair.

As Mesa residents know, the Arizona heat can be downright deadly, with summer temperatures reaching highs of 120 °F. As the hottest state in the country, heat-related illness is a well-documented threat. 72 percent of all heat-related deaths stem from exposure to excessive heat, and Arizona is one of the most victimized states, according to the CDC.

Early Innovation And Success

All too familiar with Arizona’s searing heat, Mr. Norris dreamed of bringing cool comfort to mobile home residents. In pursuit of his vision, Mr. Norris joined forces with William Coffin Coleman, the founder of the Coleman Company, a brand of outdoor recreational products. Today, the company is well known for its quality camping products, including sleeping bags, shelters, portable stoves, and the famous Coleman Lantern.

Together, the entrepreneurs conceived of the revolutionary “Saguaro Park” air conditioning unit. The two-and-a-half-ton A/C unit was the first of its kind and brought relief to mobile homeowners all over the country. Due to the Saguaro Park air conditioning unit’s success, Norris Air became the Valley’s Park Model and Mobile Home experts. Though the Saguaro Park unit was discontinued in 2012, many existing units persist today and are still being serviced more than 45 years later.

Embracing A Compassionate Business Model

Over the years, the world of business has become increasingly impersonal. Norris Air is among the few companies that still believe in face-to-face customer interaction and education. According to Paula Norris, current CEO of Norris Air and daughter of Mr. Norris, her father taught her that there is no replacement for personal interaction.

Though Norris Air still works with mobile homeowners, the company has branched out, working with residential and commercial customers. Despite the evolution of its customer base, Norris Air continues to hold on to the values of compassion and integrity initially instated by Mr. Norris.

Paula credits her father with instilling in her the ethical values that encourage her to give back to the community. Just like her father, Paula has made it her mission to help Mesa residents combat the Arizona heat. In her care, the company has collaborated with the Mesa Fire Department to rescue people in crisis. Norris Air has donated new air conditioning units and furnaces and enacted repairs for people in danger from the harsh Arizona heat despite being unable to pay for such goods or services.

Historical HVAC Services In Mesa, AZ

Thanks to Mr. Norris, Norris Air has loyally served the Mesa area for over 49 years. Offering both residential and commercial services, our expert technicians take pride in upholding the Norris Air legacy of excellence and compassion. We have a historic track record of dependable and exceptional service. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC services for residential and mobile homeowners and commercial facilities.