Repairing a Furnace: 19 Common Furnace Issues

Repairing a Furnace: 19 Common Furnace Issues

Many homeowners and residents rely on their furnace to warm their homes during winter. This blog will discuss how to repair 19 common furnace problems if the heat isn’t coming through the vents.


Service and repair that appear to be complex should be discussed with our qualified and certified technician.


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1. Lack Of Routine Maintenance

An efficient furnace depends on yearly inspections and maintenance. Most of the issues on this list can be avoided by having your furnace inspected annually by our qualified expert.

2. Issues With Thermostats

Ensure the fans are on AUTO so they will turn on and off as needed to distribute heat around the house effectively.

3. Maintain A Clear Space Around Your Furnace

It’s essential to maintain a clutter-free and clean environment surrounding your furnace. 

4. Clogged Filters

Everything in the air clogs the filters, preventing clean air from entering the room through the filter. It is required to clean or replace the filters regularly.

5. Problems With Heating Or Rapid Cycling

Several potential causes include clogged burners, a bad induction blower motor, or a bad fan speed control panel.

6. Pilot Light

A poor pilot light will interfere with the furnace’s ability to operate effectively. Turn off the gas and contact us for furnace repair Gilbert for professional help.

7. Blower Operates Constantly

The blower on the thermostat may be set to ON rather than AUTO, or the limit switch may be broken.

8. Noises

Any creaking, beeping, or screeching noises should raise suspicions. Screeching noises often indicate that the blower belt needs to be replaced because it is frayed or broken.

9. Water Leaks

A well-maintained furnace produces a decent amount of water. Usually, pipes are used to drain away this water. The pipes are likely leaking if there are water puddles surrounding the furnace.

10. The Furnace Is Broken

A broken heat pipe is common, particularly when the furnace has operated at high temperatures for extended periods followed by quick cooling.

11. Fuel Pipe

The main cause of a furnace not heating up is typically this line. We advise performing a visual inspection of the valves and lines or by calling our expert for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ.

12. Age Of Furnace

It could be wise to consider an upgrade if it is older than 15 years. 

13. Inspect Your Vents

Check the vents for any indications of obstructions or clogs.

14. Clogged Flame Sensor

You can clean the clogged flame sensor by removing the front of the furnace and using steel wool to scrub the electrode.

15. Furnace Not Heating

Adjust the breaker. If this doesn’t work, there may be an issue with the circuit breaker.

16. Furnace Door Safety Switch

The switch will turn off the electricity if the door opens while the furnace is running. Ensure that nothing hinders the door from closing.

17. Oiling Furnace Blower

You can save energy and money from the blower operating more effectively.

18. Burner Flame

Inspect the gas flames to ensure they are blue and devoid of any yellow or orange color. 

19. The Access Panel Is Unlocked

The furnace will not operate if the panel is not completely closed.

Final Words

Your furnace may experience a variety of issues. With any heating repair, Norris Air is here to assist you. Our specialists are skilled, knowledgeable, and licensed experts who ensure you get the best service possible. Call us today to get more information about our reliable heating and cooling services.