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As we approach the summertime months, the need for a properly functioning HVAC system is more important than ever. While air conditioning is the first need that comes to mind, it’s important to remember that HVAC is responsible for other key needs, including heating and proper ventilation. When purchasing or maintaining a commercial HVAC system, know that they’re essential in maintaining good air quality and creating a comfortable, healthy environment for those who occupy that space.

Energy & Cost Savings

Pairing high-performance HVAC equipment with the entire building or office design can result in significant energy savings for you. By doing this, you can typically expect a 30% reduction in annual energy costs within three to five years. If the payback threshold is extended to seven or more years, the savings can increase to upwards of 40%.

However, these savings occur if your HVAC system has been installed to best accommodate your space and if it’s regularly maintained. Systems that are not installed properly or are too small for the space can reduce the savings and lead to even higher costs. Conversely, systems that are too big for the space can cool it too rapidly and then shut off, lowering efficiency, and causing undue wear and tear on the unit. Our team of experts is trained to professionally install an HVAC system that best supports the layout, size, and needs of your space. We know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to ensure that you’re set up the right way.

Regulations To Support These Savings

Emerson conducted a survey in 2015 of more than 450 HVAC professionals and found that only 11% were aware of upcoming commercial HVAC regulations. Additionally, many of these professionals didn’t understand how those regulations can impact their business. Thankfully, our team is at the top of that 11%, and we make it a priority to ensure we’re fully educated within our industry to provide you with the best, most thorough service possible.

Some of these regulation changes include new energy adoption codes, which are managed state by state, new nationwide DOE minimums, and new efficiency tiers for advanced rooftop HVAC units. They also create savings as well as lessen the pollution on a large scale. It’s projected that businesses will save up to $167 billion on their energy bills, and carbon pollution will be reduced by up to 885 metric tons.

These new regulations impact costs, savings, and design positively. With higher part-load efficiency systems, commercial building owners may experience potentially higher initial system costs but lower operating costs, making it much more affordable to maintain their HVAC system for years to come.

Where Does Your HVAC System Stand?

We encourage you to give Norris Air a call today for a full inspection of your HVAC system, ensuring that it runs as smoothly and efficiently as both you and your wallet need it to. Proper maintenance saves you from financial pain down the road and gives you and the occupants of your commercial space well-ventilated air at a comfortable temperature.

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