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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems regulate the temperature within a building, accounting for as much as half of the energy you use in a day. The system used for mobile homes is different from than ones you might see inside a standard home or industrial building. Where you live and the climate will determine what type of system you’ll need. For instance, because Arizona gets very hot, you know you’ll need something like ductless ac installation Chandler AZ that can work overtime in the Summer.


Choosing the right equipment takes several factors into account. Some designs are better suited for certain mobile home layouts; some have special features, and some brands are simply better than others. At Norris Air, we take the time to walk you through the details and options. We’ll also do a thorough analysis of the mobile home, checking out the ductwork and size of the house before recommending options.

Mobile homes can either have a package system or a split system. A package system means both the heating and cooling are coming from the same place. A split system, in contrast, has an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler or furnace. For those homes with no ductwork, adding a system after the fact can be costly. When it comes to HVAC systems, size does matter. Choosing one that’s too big won’t just take up unnecessary space; it can make things less efficient by building up more humidity. The thermostat for the HVAC system goes inside the mobile home, and that can be either digital or mechanical. The digital choice is much more precise and can be programmed ahead of time to make sure you’re more efficient and comfortable AC repair Chandler AZ.

Once Norris Air has completed the evaluation for your home, we will install the correct system. We can also do the maintenance checks and offer factory-backed warranties for parts and service. The Norris family has been helping people in Maricopa County and the valley since 1973. We aren’t just incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in our craft; we are genuinely good, caring people. We want to make sure your home is as comfortable as possible. We even offer emergency repair services after everyone else has turned their lights out, just to make we’re there for you in your time of need. Call us today for a free estimate and know you are speaking to Mesa’s #1 rated HVAC contractor Chandler AZ.

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