Gold Canyon, Arizona

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Gold Canyon, Arizona

A relatively new, well-maintained census-designated place, Gold Canyon is nestled at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. With most homes being built since 2000, the town annexed roughly 4,150 acres of State Trust land from the government in 2009. The community has since shared a common southern border with Apache Junction, the closest incorporated city to the district. Harold Christ set out to develop the area now called Gold Canyon in 1974, and when he arrived, there was no water, enough telephone wiring for just a single telephone, and open desert as far as the eye could see. Today, this nine-square-mile of unincorporated Pinal County has over 10,000 people who are glad to call it home. Residents have been known to half-jokingly state that the hardest thing about living in Gold Canyon is maintaining its rural desert feel in the face of economic growth and residential development.

Despite land development over the last two decades, there are still many places to take in gorgeous, pristine views of Tonto National Forest, the Sonoran Desert, and the Superstition Mountains. The area was originally going to be called Mesa del Oro to attract people to move to the region by using the Spanish word for gold. Many people who move to Gold Canyon are drawn in by the laid-back atmosphere and wide-open spaces. Many retirees live here, which is no surprise as this is a perfect place to settle down and enjoy some well-earned rest after a hard-working career.

Dinosaur Mountain and Sidewinder, the two 18-hole championship golf courses at Gold Canyon Golf Resort, are side-by-side examples of why residents love spending time outdoors. Many golf courses have one hole that would be considered their signature, but Dinosaur Mountain has at least eight or ten holes that players have described as “unforgettable” and that this half of the facility is “a roller coaster of a course.” It’s no wonder why it has been ranked in the Sports Illustrated Top Ten Most Underrated Golf Courses in the Country.

Gold Canyon also has multiple gorgeous nature trails for outdoorsy types to enjoy, such as the Lost Goldmine Trailhead, the Peralta Trailhead, and the Hieroglyphic Canyon Trail. These gorgeous trails wind their way through the beautiful desert landscape and make for an amazing time hiking or riding horses. The terrain does get rough at certain points on each trail, so a good pair of sneakers and several bottles of water are must-haves when heading out for a day outside here. After a day in the sun, cool off at Oldies Ice Cream and Gelato. Grab a root beer float, old-fashioned soda, or seasonal flavored sweets.

Being a community in the desert has its’ own benefits and quirks that you don’t get elsewhere, from dunes as far as the eye can see to glimpses of wildlife that don’t live in other climates. However, one thing about living somewhere so hot is that having air conditioning and excellent air quality is extremely important. If you’re having problems with your HVAC contractor Chandler AZ system, contact Norris Air and let us come check out the issue. We’ve been fixing our neighbor’s units for over 49 years and would gladly give you an estimate or discuss our services.

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