Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona

With a bustling population of 518,012 as of the 2019 census, Mesa, Arizona, is the largest city in the country that is not a county seat. Although its history dates back at least 2,000 years, the city was officially founded in 1878. Mesa’s history begins with the arrival of the Hohokam people, whose name means “The Departed Ones,” or “All Used Up.” They built the original canal systems, which were the largest and most advanced during prehistoric times. The system could deliver water to an area of 110,000 acres, turning the desert into a lush, more agriculturally inclined patch of land. There are hundreds of miles of canals dating back to 1450 that are still being used today. Eventually, the Hohokam disappeared, and not much is known about the area after they disappeared, as settlers did not venture into the area.

When the population exploded right around the advent of air conditioning, so did the number of things to do. The Mesa Arts Center is the visual and performing arts complex in downtown. A $95 million facility, the center is the largest comprehensive arts campus in the state. Finished in 2005, it is the home of four theaters, five art galleries, and 14 studios. After getting your art fix, the history museum is the next logical stop. The Arizona Museum of Natural History is chock-full of exhibits showing the natural and cultural history of the state, boasting over 60,000 objects of history, anthropology, and the like, including over 10,000 historical photographs. The city is also home to two major archeological sites, the Mesa Grande Ruins and the Park of the Canals.

If something a bit lighter than museums is what you’re looking for, however, you shouldn’t miss Golfland-Sunsplash. Golfland, which has been operating year-round since 1983, has three mini-golf courses, bumper boats, an arcade, and more. Sunsplash, operating only in the summer since 1986, features 29 water-based slides, flumes, and more.

If taking in the great outdoors is your idea of a good time, fear not. There are tons of outdoor options, such as hot air balloon rides at Hot Air Expeditions, voted the “Best Balloon Flight in Phoenix” for the last 21 years. For the ultimate thrill-seeker, just outside of Mesa, there is Skydive Arizona. Here you can learn to skydive or take a tandem dive with an experienced instructor. If you are looking for that same rush but a little closer to the ground, give Skyventure Arizona a shot. Experience the thrill of the skydive in an indoor wind tunnel. Our top-notch service of heating installation Gilbert will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

Put a pole in the water on Saguaro or Roosevelt lakes for some bass, trout, and channel catfish. If you are more the landlubber, give the ball a whack at Las Sendas Golf Club. This Robert Trent Jones designed course has been rated as one of the ten best in Arizona.

If there’s one thing anyone knows about Arizona, it’s that it’s hot. In a state famous for its desert climate, air conditioning is an absolute must-have for every home and business. Luckily, Norris Air has provided quality, professional air conditioning services to Mesa and the surrounding areas for over 49 years. We are available seven days a week and understand the importance of having a working air conditioning system in a climate like this. Whether you need regular maintenance, have an air conditioning emergency, or shopping for a new system, call Norris Air, and we can go over the options that best fit your needs. If you are looking heater service Mesa AZ then you can contact Norris Air. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

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